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5 Top picks to invest in this fashion

This year fashion world has opened its doors to new picks and fresh styles. These are bold and stylish. Some of the fashion statements that are noticed in the past few weeks involve bold blue bags, sleek masks, and blazers. This year is going to be an influential year and there are a lot of seasons’ looks that one can pick. There are some serious style inspirations that one can spot so let us explore some of these.

Oversized boyfriend jackets

Today, there are a lot of influencers out there who are playing with the 80s inspired oversized boyfriend blazers. Using shoulder pads, helps to outwear the cinches on your waist and also helps to elongate the legs.

One can rock this look with straight leg trousers and to get ultra-modern style some new colors can be tried such as powder blue, neutrals, and even charcoal.

Black Face masks

Now, fashion is okay but you need to protect yourself too. So, sleek black face masks can help you to do that and you can wear this with any outfit of yours and these provide great coverage to both your nose and mouth. One can chose a silky fabric for easy breathing.

This face mask looks extremely good with anything from a red trench coat to a color block suit. There are so many choices for you and to stay safe this is very important.

Sorbet pastel shades

Another trend that is noticed nowadays is of pastel tones. These shades are perfect for summer and are available for a variety of skin tones. One can get a suit in mint green shade or a trench coat in lavender these will both look great. The buttery hues, however, help to elevate your look and you will look chic in these styles in the season that is about to come.

Yellow bags

The yellow bags have taken a runway and the streets as well. The yellow bags trend is timeless and you can spice up your outfit with a yellow clutch or for daily needs you can go for a mustard tote.

The bag looks incredibly good when you pair it with monochromatic looks.


This season new and beautiful folk inspired coats are reining the fashion. When the temperature falls, you can add a layer of coat to keep your outfit hot. Try series of colors. The style is easy to go and can be styled by any body type.

Knee high boots

Knee high boots look chic and can elevate your outfit. You can pair it with mini skirt, dress, funky leggings, and roll neck. And along with that one can opt for a slouchy style to give an amazing feel.

Pop Blue accessories

Adding a pop of blue to any outfit can enhance your look. This trend gives you unlimited options throughout the season to style. Go for monochrome looks and the brighter shade will make you stand out. Mix and match and create new looks.

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