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7 Workout routines for fat loss


The only workout that is bad for you is which you do not do. Getting fit is not complicated but for this you need to start from somewhere and actually do something.

Apart from this, we also see that doing pushups, or lunges or any other exercise to get you moving is very necessary. So, stylishcarrots helps you to know the best exercises that you can do for weight loss and to stay healthy.

High Intensity Interval training

To get the maximum benefit from your workout, HIIT is the key. This involves short intervals of exercises and they do need some recovery periods. HIIT needs hard work and the fat burning potential of the body shoots up.

High intensity exercises increase the growth hormones and also help in mobilising the fat. So, your 20-minute workout will help you to burn the calories that you have consumed throughout the day. Moreover, stylishcarrots also helps in knowing that these exercises release the growth hormone that as a result mobilize the fat.

Strength Training

It is assumed wrong that if you bulk up, then you will slow down your metabolism permanently. So, if you are shedding pounds that is for actually gaining muscles. So go on, and work on with weights. Another option that you might find suitable is circuit training that involves moving quickly from one exercise to the other. Along with this one can burn more calories round about 30% just with the workout.

Surya namaskar

This is one of the basic yoga asanas that one can practice and it basically focuses on the various parts of the body that do wonders to achieve weight loss. There are 12 different poses that you can enjoy from Surya Namaskar this includes prayer pose, and even bhujangasana.

It helps in strengthening the skeletal systems. It keeps the body active and stylishcarrots helps in knowing that it also helps to reduce stress.


Are you aware of the fact that including a 30 minute brisk walking in your daily routine can help you lose weight? Well, it helps to burn 150 calories and walking is one of the best ways through which you can easily lose weight. If you are starting out then start by walking 3 days in a week and at least for 20 minutes. 30-60 minutes walk each day would be the best.


If you are not a gym person then Zumba can help you feel good and also improve your fitness. Zumba basically focuses on loosening the muscles and burning calories. It is also seen to have great impacts on stress and improving strength.


According to researches and stylishcarrots it is seen that swimming can be quite beneficial for burning fat and also to stay fit. It helps in burning 500-700 calories. The exercise is highly effective and it is seen that it engages all muscle groups.

Abs Exercise

Abdominals have many interconnected muscles. So, if you are stretching them you are working on losing fat and weight.

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