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Best colors to include in your wardrobe for spring summer season

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Spring is round the corner and we see that there are a lot of new colors that can be added to the palette. Getting new colors for your wardrobe can make you look unique and stylish, and also helps you to come in line with the latest trends and fashion style.

There are a lot of trendy elements that one can add to the outfit to make it chic and stylish. We see that there are a lot of fashion elements that we are not aware of which one can easily add.

So, Stylishcarrots: Top fashion blogger in Chandigarh have mentioned some best colors that you should surely include in your wardrobe.

Bubblegum pink 

Pink is one of those colors that has various light and dark tones, that go with various seasons. It is the color that bring out a different style when worn in any season. For the spring season, bubblegum pink is going to see a lot of trend, and is going to be one of the stunning shade this spring season.

Stylishcarrots shows that color is soothing and one can easily pair with a pastel look so as to look great or even with different shades.

Eggshell Blue

This is one of the soothing colors that one should surely include in their wardrobe. The color is calm and it brings out a soft, peaceful as well as a cottage core aesthetic that you should surely include in your wardrobe.  The shades can make every outfit look elegant and beautiful. The color looks great on skirts, shirts and tank tops.

Top fashion blogger Chandigarh recommends pairing the color with pink, dark blue, orange and white.


This shade is a tone of orange and is quite energetic and vibrant. One should surely have this color in their wardrobe for the spring season.  When it comes to styling outfits one should add a vibrant shade and pair it with energetic color like black, blue or pink.

Snow white

White is an evergreen color, and it never gores out of style. We see that the color that you want for yourself is white. It goes with everything and looks elegant. It goes with your every wardrobe pick. We even see that the color is very soothing and therefore it can be styled in a different way. So, you can style it pastel colors, dark tones, neutral tones and a lot other. Stylishcarrots recommends to include snow white as well in your color palette.


Purple is also a very beautiful shade that one should include in their wardrobe. It looks stunning with every outfit and the fashion element can be expressed with skirt, top, heels, blazer or anything. The color looks grand and lavish.

Thus, top fashion bloggers in Chandigarh: Stylishcarrots recommends including the following shades in their wardrobe. This helps in making them look stylish and trendy. Also, to make new pairs to look unique, and rock the fashion statement.

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