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Intuitive Eating: Important and effect on health

We all have been hearing about mindful eating a lot lately and how important it is when we are thinking on how to be healthy.

Intuitive eating is the process of eating that makes you the expert in knowing about your hunger and the body signals. It is exactly the opposite of the traditional diet that you take and there are no guidelines on what to eat, when to eat and in what proportion to eat.

 Rather this process helps you to know that you are the only one who has to decide what you need to eat.

Principles of Intuitive eating

Some of the principles of intuitive eating are mentioned below:

  • Reject the diet: We mentally believe that there is a certain diet that is going to work for us and we need to follow it. Intuitive eating is anti-diet so do not think about any diet.
  • Hunger: You need to know about your body and its needs. Hunger is not the enemy of your body and you need to understand that you have to eat. But do not overeat.
  • Settle with food: Do not have thoughts in your mind that you should or should not eat this. This is very important because if you think that you do not have to eat a certain thing then it is definitely not going to have a good impact.
  • Respect the idea of keeping yourself full: When you find that you feel hungry you need that you need to eat food, similarly, you know when you are full. So, look for signs that you are full and have had enough of food.
  • Satisfaction: Do not eat just to keep yourself full. Enjoy the food you are eating. Take meals that are tasty and sit down, relax and eat with a pleasurable experience.
  • Feelings:Eating is also related to your feelings. It is important for you to cope with your feelings, other than food such as indulging in Yoga, meditating, or going for a walk.
  • Respect your body type:It is important that you respect the body you have. Recognise that is also capable of doing a lot of things.
  • Health:The most important of all is health, so the food that you eat should help you stay healthy and make you feel good. Also, your eating patterns can disturb your health so, eat wisely.


There are a lot of benefits of intuitive eating as well. This is basically for women and one of the major benefits that are related to it is based on psychological health. Those who participate in intuitive eating can improve their self esteem and overall quality of life as well.

Dealing with anxiety and depression Are some of the  major benefits.

So, we see that intuitive eating interventions have helped a lot and there is a lot of change in the eating behaviour and patterns that people follow.

So start with taking note of your own eating behaviour and stay healthy.

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