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Why is it important to have a regular exercise schedule


Exercise is any movement in the body that helps your body to move and burn calories. There are various kinds of physical activities in which one can perform. These include swimming, running, jogging, walking, and even dancing.

It is important to stay active as it has a lot of health benefits not only physically but even mentally. There are a lot of health benefits of regular exercise. These are mentioned below:

Weight loss

Studies have shown that one of the most important benefits of regular exercise is weight loss. Regular exercise helps in improving the metabolism and thus helps in burning more calories. Also, we see that if we combine aerobic exercise with resistance training then it can help to control weight, and also keep a lean muscle mass.

Strong muscles

Exercise plays a very important role to build muscles as well as bones. Weight lifting can help to stimulate muscle building and a sufficient amount of protein intake along with it will be quite beneficial.

Exercise helps to release hormones that are beneficial for muscle growth. With increase in age, people tend to lose muscle mass and this can lead to injury. But regular physical activity can help reduce muscle loss and help in maintaining strength.

Improved energy levels

Exercise helps to boost the energy level and this is very beneficial if people suffer from any medical condition.

As per research 6 weeks of regular exercise is very beneficial for reducing tiredness and also helps in improving lungs health.

Regular exercise helps to keep your heat working efficiently and also improves the working of muscles.

Risk of diseases

Chronic diseases are only caused because there is lack of physical activity. Through regular exercise, the insulin sensitivity also improves and blood pressure and cholesterol levels also decrease.


Skin health

Skin is highly affected by the stress that body takes through the entire day. If you exercise daily then the body produces natural antioxidants and these are very essential for protecting the cells. Moreover, exercise can help in stimulating the blood flow and along with that induce the right kind of skin adaptations that are needed by the body and have a great impact on delaying ageing.

Memory and brain health

Exercise has a significant impact on improving the functioning of brain and even the thinking skills. The exercise improves the heart rate and also promotes the flow of oxygen and blood in the body. Apart from this, we even see that it helps to stimulate the production of hormones.

Improves Sleep quality

One of the most important benefits of exercise is that it helps you to get better sleep. The loss in energy that occurs helps to get better sleep and as per research exercise has significant impact on sleep and the time taken to fall asleep is also reduced.

So, exercise has a lot of important benefits on the body. It is important for the people to include exercise in their daily routine.

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